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Baths range in price from $22 to $55 depending on weight and length of hair. Pets will not be ready for pickup until after 2:00 pm if bathed.

Vaccinations Required

At time of boarding Dove Creek Animal Hospital will let you know what vaccines your pet will be required to update, if any, to be able to board. If your pet has had vaccines updated elsewhere, please bring these records with you when your pet/pets are dropped off.

Is your pet taking any medications? Please list any medications your pet will need while staying with us. There is an additional charge for requiring medications.

Does your pet need any medication refills at this time including flea/heartworm prevention?

If an emergency occurs while your pet is in our care and life saving decisions must be made in your absence, please select from the following options:

In Case Of Emergency, I Understand Dove Creek Animal Hospital Will Treat My Pet As Deemed Necessary.  We Will Attempt To Contact You As Well. I Authorize Treatment Up To:

If Necessary, I Authorize Dove Creek Animal Hospital To Transport My Pet(s) To Denton Co. Animal ER.


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I undedrstand that I am responsible for any charges incurred during my pet's stay. The staff will attempt to contact me if any additional charges are incurred. If my pet is not picked up within 10 days of the scheduled pickup, it will be considered abandoned and will be relinquished to Dove Creek Animal Hospital.